Un îlot urbain écologique pour Dallas, Re:Vision Dallas (USA)


Baptiste Godais a participé à ce concours en tant que chef de projet responsable des questions environnementales en collaboration à une équipe de maîtrise d’ouvrage internationale menée par l’agence Various Architects (Oslo).
The complex problem presented by Re:Vision Dallas demanded an interdisciplinary response leveraging knowledge and experience in a range of fields.
The final project is a carbon-negative housing scheme that uses a combination of simple environmental principles to create 537 unique apartments with a strong sense of community, urban vegetable gardens, zero-wastewater, great daylight, natural ventilation, passive heating and cooling, and solar pv power generation.
The project is focused around the east-west flowing Green Canyon and the rammed earth community and education center. This green corridor features a greywater treatment river, a landscape of fruit trees, nut trees, and native grasses. At ground level there is pedestrian access to 7,000m2 of commercial space is dedicated to sustainable businesses, education, wellness, and live-work spaces that reduce the occupants reliance on the automobile.
The apartments are divided into vertical communities that center around garden spaces which also double as community gatering areas. Each apartment has more than 5m2 of vegitable garden space allotted. The 120m tall triangular tower has an exoskeleton of pre-cast concrete with a high fly ash content, this allows us to build each four floor apartment section out of carbon friendly structural timber with a straw-bale exterior. This would be the world’s tallest straw-bale structure. The southern and middle blocks are constructed in a similar manner with a steel bracing frame for support

  • Maîtrise d’ouvrage : Ville de Dallas
  • Surface :60 000 m²
  • Montant des travaux : nc
  • Calendrier : concours rendu



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